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LJM Association of Covenant Churches. Church unity opens the door for God’s blessings (Psalm 133). It also provides multiplied strength when it is properly embraced by participating ministries (Ecclesiastes 4:12).


Though LJM International works with ministries and churches all over the world as friends, the Association is a more formal agreement that LJM offers to those that want a closer relationship. As we are best described as a transformational ministry, any church or ministry wishing to join the LJM Association must therefore have the same heart for transformation. What we do are shaped by our beliefs and values listed below.

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Benefits of joining the Association include:

  • Leadership and apostolic support especially on matters relating to bringing changes to communities.

  • Opportunity to participate in exchange visits and joint missions to other Association members.

  • Enjoyment of global partnership and thus participating in the mandate of Jesus in Matthew 28:19.

  • Support through joint prayer sessions, sharing of training and equipping resources and social media networking.

Receiving invitation to participate in our annual LJM Convention and other events.


As Evangelicals, we have a Trinitarian understanding of God, coming in the form of His Son Jesus Christ to save a fallen world which includes not just mankind but ultimately ‘reconciling everything back to God the Father’ (2 Corinthians 5:19), now continuing the work of revelation and restoration through the Holy Spirit that’s at work in the world today.


Put simply, we believe that ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, Jesus ….’ John 3:16

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1.Every human being deserves to be shown God’s unconditional love, through practical deeds and not just words.

2.We strive to live HIGH – with Humility, Integrity, Goodness, Hope.

3.Everyone has something to contribute towards developing others.

4.Giving is as important as receiving.

5.Ideal service is never for selfish gain or personal advancement.

6.We achieve more through working with others.

7.The Bible provides ideal foundation for family life and for functioning effective communities.

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