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Recharge for The Journey Conference - recap

Love and Joy Ministries have had organised The Recharge for the Journey conference.

The conference had a big impact on our guests, as they were able to find their motivation and hope within themselves again.

The conference took place in Liverpool lighthouse on 9th of October 2021. If you have missed it, you can now watch it on YouTube!

Below there is a list with links of each speaker of that night.

Meet the speakers:

Andy Dipper Principal & Chief Executive, All Nations Christian College "Andy studied engineering and worked in the helicopter and hydro-electric power industry in Nepal. After this, Andy worked in management consultancy and emergency disaster relief in DR Congo before coming to study at All Nations in 1997..."

To watch the preaching click here

Rev Roger Sutton Community leader, Church leader and Director of Gather and Movement Day U.K "Roger Sutton is GATHER director, formerly the senior pastor of Altrincham Baptist church, and chair of the Reaching the Unchurched Network (RUN). Roger also has other roles, serving as an independent executive member for his borough in Trafford..."

To watch the preaching click here

Rev Steve Clifford Former General Director of the Evangelical Alliance; "Steve continues to give advice and support to churches and has worked in a variety of church roles, including many among the Pioneer network of churches. Currently, he is a member of the leadership team at his local church..." To watch the preaching click here

Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Rehoboth Foundation "Celia runs a Mentoring Network for leaders and a Development Forum for Young and Emerging Leaders. She comes alongside pastoral leaders to help strengthen ministries and equip them for community transformation. Celia is convinced that everyone has a specific gifting..." To watch the preaching click here

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