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We work to bring transformation to individuals and communities through preaching the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and through our projects that convey the love of God to those who are needy.  Our ministry operates through:

Growing church congregations in the UK and beyond, LJM Association of Covenant Churches set up to provide apostolic leadership to like-minded churches and ministries, Charities we set up in the UK to develop life changing programmes for disadvantaged groups in local communities ​and Collaborating with other like-minded ministries in the UK and abroad to bring Christ centred changes to towns and cities.

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LJM began in 1980 with the setting up of a house group in Liverpool which gradually grew into the Temple of Praise Liverpool congregation

Over the years, other congregations were established in Bradford UK and other places but released as independent congregations.


The latest is Temple of Praise, Lahore Pakistan, set up in 2005 whose work has been seriously disrupted by the attack by militant Islamic groups in that city. The work continues in another city in Pakistan.  

Growing Church

In 2000, LJM set up an International Association to coordinate its apostolic support for ministries in other parts of the world that needed such relationships.


There are currently congregations in Ireland, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, India and two in other UK cities. 


Over the last 20 years we have invested in churches in Uganda, South Africa and Myanmar. The partnership leaders pray together monthly on zoom and like-minded ministries are always welcome to join.

A Global church



Over the last 25 years, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages have had their lives positively and gloriously transformed through engaging in one or more of our life changing charities which include Liverpool Lighthouse – Community Arts Centre, Harmonize Academy – AP Free School and Bright Park – 6-acre Park project.


Projects engage with homeless people, disadvantaged families, vulnerable young people and asylum seekers and refugees. LJM provides spiritual lead and other services to them all.

Our transformational


We are members of the Evangelical Alliance UK. Our founder and Senior Pastor Dr Tani Omideyi has been the Chair of the EA for the last few years. We are fully involved in the Movement Day initiative which is moving across several cities in the world. We are founding members of Together for Harvest, the unity movement in our Liverpool City Region. We continue to run a UCB prayer line in our centre, operated by some of our members.

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Working with others

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